The New Gen

£49.00 / month

  • • Structured training program
  • • Access to an online community
  • • Session by session breakdown and video walkthrough
  • • Weekly recipes
  • • New program each month
  • • Group topic Q and A
  • • 1 month cancellation

This progressive training program is built upon the basics and aims to improve your strength, movement and metabolic capacity.

This group training environment is catered to mixed abilities and can be scaled when necessary.

Bring out your inner athlete whilst being a part of this group, The New Gen uses CONSTANT FITNESS unique style of training to help you bring your best.



What to expect

The New gen will allow you to take training to new levels, increase strength, enhance work capacity and develop your movement patterns.

This will be achieved through five progressive training sessions per week, these sessions are complemented with training, nutrition and lifestyle management techniques.

Fitness is not a destination it’s a lifestyle choice, this is something that is CONSTANT. By implementing the tools we can guarantee to boost your confidence and enhance your body composition.