Is Weight Training Bad For You?

What are compounds?

Compound exercises are movements that use more than one muscle group at a time, commonly associated with squat, hinge, push or pull movements. They can be performed with a barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell or body weight.

There are a number of benefits to performing compound exercises including increased strength, improved muscle development and better stability. They also promote healthy bone density and can help prevent injuries.

Concerns about compound lifts 

Compounds are great for overall strength and muscle development but the risk of injury is high if not performed correctly. Lifting heavy is only detrimental if your form is bad, how to help: 

  • Have a professional coach help you; 
  • Do extensive research;
  • Don’t perform 1 rep maxes until competent;
  • Use rep calculators to help you gauge your reps.

It is important to maintain good form when performing any exercise. The best lifting exercises are those, which do not hurt you, for that reason you may need to use a lifting belt, gloves or shoes. If you start to feel any pain or discomfort, stop, assess your form and don’t be afraid to decrease the weight. If you correctly mobilize and warm up before training and perform your lifts to a high standard there should only be positive benefits to compound lifts. 


It’s not right to think that weight lifting is a waste of time, there are many benefits for any age from lifting weights such as increased strength, improved muscle development, and better stability.

Lifting weights will also help when it comes to everyday activities such as carrying your shopping, moving around in daily life and simple things like getting up and down from a chair. You will find you have increased energy levels and it can also help regulate your mood. 

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